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1:Intro2:錬李低侑牽3:徭喇II4:識照片5:嗤駅勣音挫吭房宅6:厘握低7:Queen8:泌書, 麿9:Bud_Bud 10:壓凪嶄 哘乎頁凪嶄匯遍 醤悶頁陳匯遍音湊賠萱阻 峪芝誼壅裟旬敢秬鐫飜狛 促麼低徭失孀孀 音挫吭房


梧兆:can't take my eyes off you 梧返:john barrowman 倖繁湖状宸倖井云議油彭音危

Always ask you for never said that I wish to thank you Not until grew up knowing you is not easy Each time you leave always pretend easy way Smile and say go turn tears wet

got me inside We can go on and on, on all night It's worth the sacrifice You got the And every morning so soft You bring your my love will help you see We can go on and

梧簡 ̄I love you baby ̄竃徭梧爆ゞcan't take my eyes off you〃.梧兆:ゞcan't take my eyes off you〃梧返:frankie valli野簡:Bob Crewe惇爆:Bob Gaudio梧簡:You're


ゞI LOVE YOUをさがしてる〃頁劾晩窮篇岬議銭偬丞〆嬉爺聞ルリ〇(麼處: 蒋寒鮮)議麼籾爆梧簡:I LOVE YOUをさがしてる - GLAY恬鮒:TAKURO 恬爆:

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