1、The best mirror is an old friend. 最好的镜子是老朋友. 2、Between friends all is common. 朋友之间不分彼此. 3、A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 人生在

Your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. 你真正的朋友会让你振作起来,原本黯淡、空虚的世界顿时变得

[关于朋友的英语句子] A Forever Friend 永远的朋友"A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out." "别人都走开的时候,朋友仍与你在一起,关于朋友的英语句

[有关友谊的英文句子] A life without a friend is a life without a sun.人生在世无朋友,犹如生活无太阳,有关友谊的英文句子.Be slow in choosing a friend; slower in

1.A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 人生在世无朋友,犹如生活无太阳. 2.A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真交. 3.To preserve a friend three things are

1,In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty; In time of adversity, not one amongst 你的朋友有朋友,朋友的朋友又有朋友,所以要谨慎小心.3,A friend is never known till a

my friend 我的朋友

1.Between friends all is common. 朋友之间不分彼此 2.Hope our frBest I never forget our friendship我永远不会忘记我们的友谊 3. Hope our friendship will last forever友谊长存 4.I never forget our friendship我永远不会忘记我们的友谊

a friend in need,is a friend indeep;

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