1. 滑雪2. [huá xuě]3. 【体】ski; skiing 例句筛选1.If it were to snow tomorrow, I would go skiing.如果明天下雪,我就去滑雪.

go skiing

滑雪 go skiing

I went skiing with my friends last weekend. At first, we didn't know how to ski. But after trying many times, we managed to ski happily. We really had a good time. I hope that I will go skiing again.

滑雪裤 tapering trousers 滑雪运动 skiing 滑雪斜坡 ski slopes.跳台滑雪 ski jumping 滑雪靴 ski boot 军事滑雪 military skiing 花样滑雪 hotdog skiing 去滑雪 go skiing 越野滑雪 cross - country skiing 多项滑雪 combined competition

Skat In The SnowOn a cold morning,I go out and want to buy some food.To my surprise,it is snowing when I get out off my house.I become really happy to see that!So I get

skiing 英 [ski:] n.滑雪(运动) v.滑雪( ski的现在分词 ) 双语例句:She broke a leg in a skiing accident 她在一次滑雪事故中摔断了一条腿.He quickly converted me to the joys of cross-country skiing. 他很快就使我迷上了越野滑雪.

My Virgin Skiing Experience !! I went skiing with my friends on Sunday. It was my very first time to try this super interesting sport. I really enjoyed skiing A LOT, and I think that I have potential!!! For the entire afternoon, I only fell down twice before

go skiing 补充回答:原单词为ski,ski [ski:] vi. 滑雪 n. 滑雪板 表达去滑雪:go skiing. 固定短语

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