teacher:why are you late for school every morning? tom:every time i come to the corner,a sign says,"school-go slow". 老师:为什么你每天早晨都迟到? 汤姆:每当我经过学校的拐角处,就看见一个牌子上写着"学校----慢行". a good boy little

I tried my best to do everything.

各种各样 all kinds of 找时间做某事 find time to do 尽可能 as possible 用电话交谈 on the phone 在危险中 in dangers 被期望做某事 be expected to do 对某人生气 be angry with 令某人吃惊的事 surprise sb 与交朋友 make friends with

他告诉了我你说的所有事,翻译成英语: He told me everything you said.

翻译如下那些事儿these things例句现在,我儿子都12岁了.当然了,他再也不会做小时候的那些事儿了,他现在使用电视遥控器的技术比我好.He's12 now and of course he doesn't do these things anymore and he knows howto work the tv remote better than I do.

“所有的事都一样的感觉”"It's all the same feeling"

l am so glad that we met.let's try to become closer frients. 我很高兴我们相遇,让我们试着成为知心朋友吧. happy day may joy and happiness fill every minute of your day. 愿快乐和幸福充满你生命中的每一分钟. And may life's most fantastic things always come your way! 并愿所有美好的事物相伴在你身边!

英文是:Very interesting things.或者Very funny things.解释:very 英[veri] 美[vri] adj. 很,非常; 恰好是,正是; 十足的; 特有的; adv. 很,非常; 充分,完全; [例句]She's not very impressed with them 她对他们没什么印象.

所有的事 与你无关All of the things are none of your business.All those things are none of your business

This is all I do today

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